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Collect Eligible Containers

eligible containers for the refund scheme

Eligible Containers

Most aluminium, glass, plastic, steel and liquid paperboard beverage containers between 150ml and 3L are eligible for a refund. The scheme targets beverage containers most commonly seen as litter.

More eligible containers
  • Have contained a beverage product that is not excluded from the scheme. For example, cordials and plain milk are not included in the scheme so containers that have held these products are not eligible for a refund
  • Display the refund mark. This is so that the refund point operator can see if the container is part of the scheme. Most containers will already have a refund mark for SA and NT and these containers are eligible under Containers for Change. Beverage manufacturers have 2 years from scheme commencement to display new refund mark.
  • Be an approved container. Some containers are made from materials that cannot be recycled. These containers may not be approved (by the Western Australia Government) as an eligible container as the scheme requires that when a refund is paid on a container, that container must be recycled.
containers that are ineligible for the refund scheme

Ineligible Containers

There are some beverage containers that are not eligible for a refund. Generally, ineligible containers are those that are less than 150ml and greater than 3L or not commonly found as litter. 

More ineligible containers
  • Any plain milk containers
  • Any glass containers which have contained wine or pure spirits  
  • Containers 1L or more which have contained flavoured milk, pure fruit or vegetable juice, cask wine or cask water
  • Concentrated/undiluted cordial or syrup containers
  • Sachets above 250ml which have contained wine
  • Registered health tonics

Most ineligible containers, such as plain milk bottles and glass wine bottles, can still be recycled through existing kerbside collection or drop-off services.

Return your Containers

Bring your eligible containers to one of our authorised depots or mobile/pop-up depots for a refund of 10 cents per eligible container. Our friendly staff will count your containers immediately using manual or electronic scanners and provide refunds in cash or via an electronic funds transfer (EFT) into your bank – depending on the quantity of containers you have. You will also be able to donate your containers to one of our local community groups or charities, using their unique scheme ID.

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      Get Paid

      Register for a Scheme ID

      We at Community Recycling WA recognise that cash is king, however if a simple refund directly deposited into your allocated bank account is more your style, you can sign up for a Scheme ID through Containers for Change.

      Remember to bring your Scheme ID with you to the refund point.

      cash in 10 cents per container, in cash or direct to your bank

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Should lids be removed from containers?

      Yes, lids should be removed from containers for the following reasons:

      • Removing the lids helps with the crushing of containers at processing facilities; and
      • Plastic lids are usually made from different plastics to the bottle, so separating the plastics makes the bottles easier to recycle.
      • Lids are recyclable. Lids can be taken to various drop off locations to be recycled. Containers for Change refund points will also collect lids for recycling, just remove them from the container first.
      Can crushed or damaged containers be accepted?

      While some light crushing is permissible, the refund point must be able to identify the container as an eligible container. Broken glass containers won’t be accepted.

      Reverse vending machines may require a barcode or intact shape to do this.

      If you are unsure, you should check with the Refund Point where you intend to return the containers.

      Will containers collected before 1st October 2020 be eligible?

      All containers should continue to be recycled through the yellow lid kerbside collection system until Containers for Change commences on 1 October 2020.

      The 10-cent refund will apply to eligible containers purchased or collected as litter on or after the scheme start date.

      Containers for Change refund point operators will have discretion to reject containers they reasonably believe were supplied prior to scheme commencement. In addition, if you are returning 1500 or more containers you will be required to sign a declaration stating that the containers you are returning are eligible: that they were purchased or collected as litter on or after the scheme start date. Essentially, this is an honour system and we trust West Australians to do the right thing.

      What is a refund point?

      A refund point is an approved location operated by businesses, charities or organisations where members of the public can return eligible empty beverage containers in exchange for a refund of 10-cents per container.

      Any commercial entity, social enterprise, charity, non-profit, or community group can apply to be a refund point operator.

      What does a refund point do?

      A refund point:

      • Collects eligible containers;
      • Pays customers 10-cent refunds per eligible container;
      • Counts returned containers;
      • Sorts containers into 11 different material types;
      • Securely stores containers;
      • Reports on returned containers to the scheme coordinator using the free Containers for Change Point of Sale system;
      • Fulfils audit and reporting duties; and
      • Connects with their local community

      In addition to these day-to-day responsibilities, refund point operators are the face of Western Australia’s Containers for Change Scheme and are expected to provide high levels of customer service.

      How can I donate containers to a community group or charity?

      There are several options for donating your containers.

      1. Drop off your containers at a donation point.
      2. Donate to a charity or community group by using their Scheme ID at a refund point.
      What's a Scheme ID?

      Customers, charities, community groups, clubs, school P&Cs and more can register for a Container for Change Scheme ID at

      Charities, community groups, school P&Cs, local sports clubs and others will also be able to register online for a Scheme ID.

      Customers can receive their 10c eligible container refund via EFT through their Scheme ID.

      Customers can elect to donate their refund to their chosen registered charity, school or community organisation using that organisation’s Scheme ID.

      Community groups can advertise their Scheme ID to drive donations and help strengthen their fundraising efforts.

      A Scheme ID can be obtained by registering via the Containers for Change website, closer to scheme commencement.